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The key to success for a web site is good search engine ranking. All of the major search engines use link popularity to determine how well a site will rank - so the more high quality, relevant links that lead to your site, the higher it will rank. LinkMachine makes it easy to get the links you need by helping you establish hundreds of quality, relevant link exchanges.


  • The page where our url appears must not contain an excessive number of links. If you have multiple pages for one category, our link must appear on the first page at all times.
  • Link trade pages on your website must be accessible from your homepage (e.i., they must be easily found by any visitor to your site).
  • We do not accept websites that contain any gambling, adult, pornographic, illegal or offesive material.
  • Link trade pages on your website must be plain html files so search engines can easily find them and index them. Please be sure our url can be found on the reciprocal page. Do not link to us through a script call.

We reserve the right reject/ignore any submission not complying with our requirements and also remove your site if a reciprocal link cannot be found at your site at any time. If any of our requirements are not met at the time we visit your site, your submission will be ignored.

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Global Trade Service - Trade portal and business resource guide. Providing free international trade information as well as a huge database with buyers and sellers!

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